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A few years ago I decided to purchase this Food Scale.  I was going to take total control of my nutrition and weight out every meal.  It was going to be awesome, I was going to be awesome, everything was going to be awesome.

I have used that scale weight packages before going to the post office!  Man have I saved a ton on shipping charges.

For most of us, weighting each meal to particular guidelines is not realistic.  Seriously, are you going to carry a scale in your bag, hand it to the chef at your favorite restaurant, and tell him/her how much food to prepare. No, I doubt it.  

And let's not even get started on trying to count calories.  That's tough even for a seasoned (pun intended) veteran.

What can we use to help at meal time?  If only there was a tool that could make nutrition easy and we always have with us.  
What if I told you, that you can use your hand to measure out portions of your meal.  
Your hand size is related to your body size, making it an excellent portable and personalized way to measure and track food intake.  Just like any other form of nutrition planning, this serves as a starting point. Stay flexible and adjust your portions based on hunger, fullness, and other important goals.

Click here for the Men's Portion Guide

Click here for the Women's Portion Guide

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