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No it’s not Rex Manning day. No it’s not October 3rd.  Today is November 1st!  Today is the 5th anniversary of the creation of StrongFirst. For those that don’t know, StrongFirst is a school of strength that focuses on Kettlebell, Barbell, and Bodyweight training to help students compete at their highest level, play with their grandkids, take their life back….the list goes on. I’ve been lucky to have been affiliated with StrongFirst since day 1.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have been part of countless StrongFirst events.  From attending the Kettlebell, Barbell, and Bodyweight certifications to assisting at User Courses and those same certifications.  From having my brain hurt at PlanStrong to having my brain hurt at Strong Endurance.  No matter how many times I’m at an event, I always leave a better coach and trainer than when I entered.  The knowledge that Masters, Seniors, Team Leaders, assistants, and yes even the students bring to the table is immeasurable.


Those events, oh boy are they events,  have brought me to some states I may not have gone to otherwise. Hell, they’ve brought me across the world, twice!  The lifelong friendships that I may not have other wise made are well worth the price of admission.  When ever I go to continuing education courses, there are sure to other StrongFirst shirts in the room. It’s kinda like that scene; Dylan, you sunova Bitch!


So, StrongFirst, Happy Birthday. Thank you for providing me the opportunities I’ve had over the last 5 years. Thank you for helping make me the coach I am today. To all the Masters, Seniors, and TeamLeaders, thank you for entrusting me to help promote the StrongFirst brand. To all the students (#TeamTights), thank you for letting me be part of your journey.


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