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Injury Patience

Today I am exactly 1 month post surgery.  One month ago I had Bi-Lateral Inguinal Hernia's repaired.  In 37 years of life, this was my first surgery.  I've learned a lot about patience this past month.  Over the years I've had numerous injuries.  When I felt better, I went back to training.  This time is different.  I've only been cleared to return to play for 2 weeks now.  I decided to give myself a little more time to fully recover.  Don't want to jump back into things too quick and risk another injury.

I just finished reading "The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance" by Steven Kotler.  There is a section on Felix Baumgartner and his RedBull Stratos Jump.  If you're not familiar with it, check out the highlights here.  Preparation began in 2005.  October 14, 2012 the jump was completed.  7 years of prep for a free fall that lasted only 4 minutes 19 seconds (he was in the air for close to 10 minutes.)

What does a man jumping from 24 miles above the earth, traveling at a top speed of 833.9mph (Mach 1.24), with an estimated 8million people watching live have to do with a man in surgery for just under 2 hours, out cold, with 8 people in the room?


It has to do with what the process taught us.  Had Felix and the RedBull crew looked at the Stratos jump only as a world record free fall, they would have failed to learn "passenger / crew exit strategies from space, protocols for exposure to high-altitude and high-acceleration environments, exploring the effects of supersonic acceleration and deceleration on the human body, and testing the latest innovations in parachute technology."

My recovery has allowed me to re-test my body, learn weakness' and imbalances, and further develop the movements and patterns I already had.  It's a slow process, hopefully won't take me 7 years, but still a process.  Trust the process.  Trust your body.  You may learn a thing or two!

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