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Improving your Golf Performance is all in the nuances. To the untrained eye, golf swings may look alike, but a few angles in a player's stance make a world of difference in the power of a swing. More urgently, issues in a golf swing mechanics can lead to a greater risk of injury.

Identifying the particular issues in your game and how to tweak them is the tricky part. A trained outside eye is required both to be able to correctly identify the mechanic issues and to build a strength training golf workout program that can address the underlying issues.

At Stafford Strength, we have Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Coaches on staff who are qualified both to identify weaknesses or issues in your swing and are equipped with an arsenal of exercises that can be customized to any player's unique set of issues and goals.

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Some issues in golf stance and swing can be easily fixed. It is a matter of identifying inefficiencies and then learning to correct them. Often it is more complex because years of bad posture and muscle imbalances mean the problems are more physical than mental.

Re-conditioning and strength training will be necessary to correct such issues. In either case a customized golf workout program can yield huge gains in the power and efficiency of golf swing mechanics

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